Корпоративное действие ojsc phosagro-regs-gdr — annual general meeting


Corporate action number CA000009195476
ISIN US71922G2093
Corporate action description

Euroclear bank, in line with section 19.3. (provision of Information in respect of corporate events) of its operating Procedures, provides, on an ad-hoc basis, following information For cumulative voting on depositary receipts . Cumulative voting applies to resolution 4 A maximum of 8 directors are to be elected to the board (among the 11 candidates). To instruct, multiply your eligible position by the number of Directors to be elected and, in case you want to split your vote, Assign an amount to each director until your total cumulated Position is accounted for. For example, if you have 10 adrs on record date, you are entitled To vote on 8 (number of nominated directors) x 10, equalling 80 Votes to distribute among the number of proposed directors.

Meeting date 10/06/13
Record date 22/04/13
Deadline 01/06/13
For additional information please contact your account manager
Information provided by Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.