polyus gold international ltd_ordshr annual general meeting


Corporate action number CA000009111893
Corporate action description

Meeting date: 31/05/13time: 10:00


1toreceive the companys financial statements and the reports of The directors and the auditors for the year ended 31december 2012 2toapprove the directors remuneration report for the year ended 31december 2012 3todeclare (i) afinal dividend inthe amount Ofusd 0.0824 per ordinary share and (ii) aspecial dividend in The amount ofusd 0.0232 per ordinary share, both inrespect of The financial year ended 31december, 2012. Ifapproved, the final Dividend will bepaid on7june 2013 tothose shareholders who Appeared onthe register ofthe company at6:00pm (uktime) on24 May 2012 4tore-elect adrian coates adirector ofthe company 5 Tore-elect german pikhoya asadirector ofthe company 6to Re-elect the earl ofclanwilliam asadirector ofthe company 7to Re-elect bruce buck asadirector ofthe company 8tore-elect Kobus moolman asadirector ofthe company 9tore-elect anna Kolonchina asadirector ofthe company 10toelect igor gorin as Adirector ofthe company 11tore-appoint deloitte llp asauditor Ofthe company tohold office until the conclusion ofthe next General meeting atwhich accounts are laid before the company 12 Toauthorise the board tofix the amount ofthe auditors Remuneration 13toauthorise the directors toallot new equity Securities (onthe terms set out inresolution 13) 14toauthorise The disapplication ofcertain pre-emption rights (onterms set out Inresolution 14) 15toauthorise the company tomake onmarket Share buy backs (onthe terms set out inresolution 15)

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