petropavlovsk plc annual general meeting


Corporate action number CA000009111884
ISIN GB0031544546
Corporate action description

Meeting date: 11/06/13time: 12:00


1toreceive and adopt the accounts and the reports ofthe Directors and auditors thereon 2toreceive and approve the Directors remuneration report 3todeclare afinal dividend and Toapprove the related arrangements 4tore-appoint deloitte llp Asauditors ofthe company 5toauthorise the directors to Determine the remuneration ofthe auditors 6tore-elect mrpeter Hambro asadirector ofthe company 7tore-elect mrsergey Ermolenko asadirector ofthe company 8tore-elect mrandrey Maruta asadirector ofthe company 9tore-elect dralfiya Samokhvalova asadirector ofthe company 10tore-elect mrmartin Smith asadirector ofthe company 11tore-elect drgraham birch Asadirector ofthe company 12tore-elect msrachel english asa Director ofthe company 13tore-elect sir malcolm field asa Director ofthe company 14tore-elect lord guthrie asadirector Ofthe company 15tore-elect drdavid humphreys asadirector of The company 16tore-elect sir roderic lyne asadirector ofthe Company 17tore-elect mrcharles mcveigh iii asadirector ofthe Company 18toauthorise the directors toallot shares 19to Disapply statutory pre-emption rights 20toauthorise the company Topurchase shares 21toallow general meetings tobecalled on14 Clear days notice

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