Корпоративное действие Rusforest AB — Stock Split


Corporate action number CA000008268886
ISIN SE0001732728
Corporate action description

Event details
update 22/02/2013:

reverse split is expected to occur in the first half of april 2013.

End of update.
update 04/02/2013:

proposed reverse stock split has been approved by the egm the board has been authorised to decide the record date

end of update.
proposed reverse split to be decided at the egm to be held : 01/02/2013

action to be taken
after close of business on the last trading date:
. Any unmatched transactions will no longer settle
. No new internal transactions will be allowed
. Any external transactions with a trade date that is later than
the last trading date will stay pending. Please cancel them.

Transactions that matched before close of business on the last trading date may settle during a period of three business days immediately following the last trading date. We will credit your account with the new securities as soon as your transaction has settled, or as soon as the local market has confirmed the settlement.

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