igseismic services plc information onpurchase offer


Corporate action number CA000000228140
ISIN US4495972022
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U.c.e. synttech holdings limited, acompany ultimately owned bymrnikolay levitskiy, the chief executive officer ofigseismic services plc (igss), announces itiscurrently inthe process ofconsidering and negotiating atransaction toacquire further interests inthe ordinary shares and/or global depository receipts issued inrelation tothe ordinary shares ofigss.

Any such acquisition, ifultimately made, isexpected tobeatthe prevailing market price atoraround usd 15incash per igss ordinary share, equivalent toatoraround usd 30incash per global depositary receipt admitted totrading onthe london stock exchange.

Any such acquisition isexpected toresult inmrlevitskiy and his concert parties, including synttech, holding aninterest ofbetween 40to50percent inigsss issued share capital, asaresult ofwhich synttech would berequired tomake amandatory cash offer atthe acquisition price toall igss shareholders.

This corporate action notification does not constitute anoffer tosell orthe solicitation ofanoffer tobuy any securities byanyone inany jurisdiction. Itisnot, and should not beconstrued ortreatedas, investment orfinancial advice.