Rushydro ADR Pre-Emption Rights


Corporate action number CA000008385311
ISIN US4662941057
Corporate action description

Holders are informed that inconnection with the statutory registration on03/12/12 bythe federal financial markets service ofthe russian federation (the ffms) ofanissuance bythe company of110,000,000,000 ordinary registered non-documentary shares ofthe company each having anominal value ofrub1 (the additional shares), tobeplaced through an
Open subscription and inconnection with the commencement ofthe period for the exercise ofpre-emption rights bythe shareholders ofthe company topurchase additional shares (the pre-emption rights).

Each holder ofadss asof11/10/12 may subscribe for new adss, each representing 100 additional shares, onthe terms and subject tothe conditions set forth bythe company, atasubscription price based onthe subscription price for additional shares and the currency exchange rate ineffect onthe day the subscription funds are converted into roubles
These rights are called the rights. The rights are personal tothe holders and not transferrable.

The deposit amount iscomputed asfollows:
The sumof (i) the usd equivalent ofthe subscription price (based onthe official exchange rate ofthe central bank ofthe russian federation asof25/12/2012) multiplied by100 and (ii) 15percent ofthat amount tocover possible exchange rate fluctuations, currency conversion expense and the fee ofthe relevant depositary for issuance ofnew adss.

The deposit amount isequalto: (1.15×100 rub)/30.8046: 3.73usd.

The subscription price for the additional shares was determined bythe company on10/12/2012 and isequal torub 1per additional share.

The fee for issuance ofnew adss will beuptousd 0.05 per new ads.

Holders may only purchase whole shares adr.

Ifthe deposit amount was greater than the cost ofthe rub subscription price (including currency conversion and other expenses) plus the relevant depositarys issuance fee, the drrights agent shall refund the excess u.s. dollars toads holders for distribution tothe holders entitled tothemrs.

Ifthe deposit amount isnot sufficient topurchase the number ofadditional shares sufficient toissue the full number ofnew adss, the entitlements ofall holders will bereduced pro-rata tothe largest integral number ofadss and the number ofnew adss allocated toyou will beless than the number requested.

Period ofaction start date: 31/12/12
Period ofaction end date: 15/02/13
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