Корпоративное действие JOINT STOCK COMPANY NOVATEK-144A GDR USD — Exchange Offer


Corporate action number CA000007251714
ISIN US6698882080
Corporate action description

We have been advised by euroclear of a termination for the above mentionned security

Termination date: 09/07/2012

Holders have 2 options:

1/ take no action and receive the cash proceeds from the sale of the local shares after cancellation of the dr’s by the agent

2/ surrender their gdr for local shares — please refer to event 6506523

Proceed securities are not eligible in euroclear bank. They must be delivered to an account in the local market.

Documentation available on the web

The full terms and conditions and the required certification form for the above mentioned dr facility is available at www.euroclear.com

Instruction deadline Please check with your account manager
For additional information please contact your account manager
Information provided by Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.