BTA BANK JSC GDR 144A general meeting


Corporate action number CA000006824321
ISIN US05574Y1001
Corporate action description

Wehave been advised byeuroclear onbelow

The meeting agenda and proxy forms are now available atwww.

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Important remark: resolutions a1and a2:

For the purposes ofvoting onthese items, each holder has one
Vote, irrespective ofthe number ofgdrs itholds.

Tocomply with regulations inkazakhstan, the identity ofthe
Beneficial shareholder(s) must bedisclosed for this meeting.
Instructions received without the name and address ofbeneficial
Holders willbe rejected byeuroclear bank.

Bank ofnew york (the agent) and euroclear have agreed to
Suspend the requirement toproduce paper form certification where
The instructing euroclear participant isable toprovide an

Terms ofthe electroniccertification

Bycompleting the instruction type 53and sending ittoeuroclear
Bank with w infield: 72or :70e (asapplicable) you will
Certify toeuroclear bank and the agent that you:
. Have been provided byeuroclear bank and have reviewed allof
The certifications required for the above mentioned drfacility
. Have been notified byeuroclear bank ofthe requirement to
Complete such certification,
. Confirm that you and/or your client agree(s) tocomply with the
Terms and conditions ofthe required certifications for this dr
Facility, and
. Instructed euroclear bank toconfirm your receipt, review and
Agreement tosuch certification

Bycompleting the instruction type 53and sending this to
Euroclear bank with a w infield: 72or :70e (asapplicable) on
Behalf ofyour company you:
(a) irrevocably commit your company toprovide euroclear bank
And/or the agent atany time upon request with avalidly signed
Paper certification inthe form required under the terms and
Conditions ofthis drfacility, and (b) agree toaccept any and
Allliability for any failure toproduce such apaper
Certification upon request

Euroclear bank reserves the right totake any action necessary,
Including without limitation the enforcement ofthe indemnity at
Section ofthe the operating procedures ofthe
Euroclear system, toenforce its rights asset forth inthis
Notice and the operating procedures

Documentation available onthe web

The fullterms and conditions and the required certification form
For the above mentioned drfacility isavailable at

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Itisyour responsibility todetermine and meet allrelevant
Requirements for this drfacility, including with respect toany
Required certification. Euroclear accepts noliability for the
Failure ofaeuroclear participant orthe underlying beneficial
Owner tomeet the requirements ofthis drfacility .

Instruction deadline 02-04-2012 12.00 Moscow Time
For additional information please contact your account manager
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