EURASIAN NATURAL RESOURCES ordinary general meeting


Corporate action number CA000005923593
Corporate action description

Wehave been advised byeuroclear onbelow

New information dated 23/03/12

Itisapostponement ofameeting scheduled previously on07/11/11

Weare currently investigating ifthe instructions received before
07/11/11are stillvalidand willadvise you assoon aswehave

Information source: broadridge


1that the transaction set out inthe shareholder circular dated
11october 2011be approved
Cmmt please note that this isapostponement ofthe meeting held
On07nov 2011. 1that: (i) the entry into (a) anamendment
Agreement tothe shareholders agreement dated 16february 2009
Between the companys subsidiary, tnc kazchrome jsc
(kazchrome) and eurasian finance-industrial company jsc, tobe
Entered into between kazchrome and eurasian industrial company jsc
(eic) (the amendment agreement) and (b) anindemnity
Agreement between the companys subsidiary, enrc nvand eic (the
indemnity agreement), ineach case asdescribed inthe
Circular toshareholders ofthe company dated 21march 2012 (a
Copy ofwhich has been laidbefore the meeting and initialled by
The chairman for identification purposes only (the circular)),
Beapproved and that the directors (oraduly constituted
Committee thereof) beauthorised tomake such non-material
Amendments, variations and extensions tocontd cont contd the
Terms ofthe amendment agreement and the indemnity agreement as
They consider necessary ordesirable and (ii) the proposed
Transaction pursuant towhich, among other things, the companys
Subsidiary, enrc nv, would (a) acquire upto2,638,103common
Shares inshubarkol komir jsc (shubarkol) (representing
Approximately 75of the issued share capital ofshubarkol),
Whether pursuant toanopen trade onthe kazakhstan stock
Exchange, atender offer orotherwise, for anaggregate purchase
Price ofuptousd 600million, payable incash inanequivalent
Amount ofkazakhstan tenge (the acquisition) and (b) ifthe
Acquisition iscompleted, make atender offer toacquire and
Acquire allof the issued preference shares inshubarkol for an
Aggregate consideration ofupto1,849,322,499kazakhstan tenge
(contd contd approximately usd 12.6million), payable incash, in
Each case asdescribed inthe circular (the proposed
Transaction), beapproved and that the directors (oraduly
Constituted committee thereof) beauthorised toimplement the
Proposed transaction and/or tomake such non-material amendments,
Variations and extensions tothe terms ofthe proposed transaction
Asthey consider necessary ordesirable

Instruction deadline 26/03/12 18.00 Moscow Time
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