GAZ CAPITAL SA9.25000 23/04/19 option tohave notes redeemed


Corporate action number CA000006496381
ISIN XS0424860947
Corporate action description

Wehave been advised byeuroclear onbelow

You can exercise the option tohave your notes redeemed on
23/04/12at 100pct.

Required documentation

Notice tobesent ebserv ddl:24hrs

Toparticipate inthis corporate action, itisrequired in
Addition toyour instruction toeb, tofillin the following
Early redemption notice

This documentation must befaxed to:
Duetsche bank london
Tel. +44207541 1315fax +44207547 6624
Email: earlyredemptions.desk(at)

Required documentation for execution ofyour corporate action
Instructions are now available

Ebform service

Notice tobesent ebserv ddl:24hrs

For participants which have subscribed tothe euroclear form
Service bycompleting and signing aservice level agreement and
Power ofattorney and which have submitted avalidinstruction
(successfully positioned) before the number ofhours prior to
Euroclear bank instruction deadline noted inthis dace, euroclear
Willcomplete and deliver the applicable form tothe relevant
Agent for this event.

After the deadline for the form service noted above, itisthe
Participants responsibility toensure that acompleted form is
Received bythe agent before the final deadline for this event

The sending ofaninstruction byaparticipant for this event
Constitutes certification from such participant and/or the
Beneficial owner asrequired bythe terms ofthis issuance that
Such participant and/or the beneficial owner fully comply with
Allspecifications/requirements asdetailed inthe terms and/or
Asset forth inthe required form. Euroclear bank accepts no
Liability for any damages orlosses arising due toparticipant
Sending late orincomplete orincorrect information Toeuroclear.

Instruction deadline For Deadline information please contact you client manager
For additional information please contact your account manager
Information provided byEuroclear Bank S.A./N.V.