Корпоративное действие CHAPEL 2003-1/B/ VAR 00/11/64 — informative meeting


Corporate action number CA000006718338+6718298
ISIN XS0179679674
Corporate action description

We have been advized by euroclear on below:

Information source: agent, rbs global banking and markets

Market timetable

Meeting date: 28/03/12 at 10.00 (cet)
Expected announcement date of results: to be confirmed

Meeting location


Conference call

Noteholders are also given the opportunity to follow the
Informative meeting via conference call.


At the invitation of the issuer, the bankruptcy trustees of dsb
Will inform noteholders in more detail on
The progress being made on the settlement of such alleged duty of
Care claims.

Noteholders responding on the invitation will receive the
Location details or the dial-in details and a concise
Presentation per return e-mail ultimately on 27/03/12

Refer to the online documentation for the full notice

Instruction deadline 22-03-2012 18.00 MSK
For additional information please contact your account manager
Information provided by Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.