Корпоративное действие BTA Bank JSC — Meeting resolutions have been approved


Corporate action number CA000008031932
ISIN XS0532989588
Corporate action description

Update 03/12/2012:

The meeting resolutions have been approved. Any instructed position will be unblocked.

Update 19/11/12: adjourned meeting

euroclear has been advised that the meeting held on 16/11/12 has been adjourned due to a lack of quorum.

another meeting will be held on 30/11/12 at 12:00 (London time). Previously received instruction remain valid. Please refer to the online documentation for more details.

Information source: agent, bank of New York mellon, London.
Meeting location:
white and case llp,
5 old broad street,
London, ec2n 1dw
United Kingdom

Record date N/A
Deadline N/A
For additional information please contact your account manager
Information provided by Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.