Корпоративное действие bta bank jsc — adjourned meeting


Corporate action number CA000008032422
ISIN XS0532990750
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update 19/11/12: adjourned meeting

euroclear has been advised that the meeting held on 16/11/12 has been adjourned due to a lack of quorum.

Another meeting will be held on 30/11/12 at 11:00 (london time)

previously received instruction remain valid.

Information source: agent, bank of new york mellon, london

meeting location:
white and case llp,
5 old broad street,
london, ec2n 1dw
united kingdom

for the purpose of considering and, if thought fit, passing the resolution described in the notice to approve the restructuring plan, which will be proposed as an extraordinary resolution in accordance with the provisions of the trust deed.

two or more persons present in person holding notes or being proxies and holding or representing in the aggregate not less than 75 per cent. In principal amount of the notes for the time being outstanding.

Instructed positions will be unblocked on: 21/11/12 unless agent advises otherwise.

For additional information please contact your account manager
Information provided by Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.