Корпоративное действие bta bank jsc — potential event of default


Corporate action number CA000006407480
ISIN XS0532990677
Corporate action description

Event details
Potential event of default: the trustee writes to advise the holders of the bonds that the interest payment due on the notes in respect of the interest payment date falling on 01/01/12 has not been received, constituting a potential event of default.

In accordance with condition 11(a) of the terms and conditions of the notes an event of default will occur if the issuer fails to pay any amount of interest or principal when the same becomes due and payable and such default continues for a period of ten business days.

The trustee does not intend to take further action at this time

Holder queries: any holder with queries in relation to this notice is invited to verify its holding to the trustee and contact the trustee, as described in the actions to be taken . Bondholders who have any queries regarding this notice may contact the trustee at address: bny mellon corporate trustee services limited, one canada square, london, e14 5al. Attention default group: mark jeanes / mark brescacin fax: +44 20 7964 2530 (attention of mark jeanes / mark brescacin) email: dagemea(at)bnymellon.com.

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