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Corporate action number CA000008086266
ISIN XS0532996799
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Information source: issuer, bta bank, almaty.

bta bank jsc ispleased toannounce that itwill beholding a meeting ofcertain ofits financial creditors (the claimants meeting) on05/12/12 toapprove the banks restructuring plan. The bank has published aninformation memorandum dated 08/11/ 12 which contains detailed information about the restructuring plan aswell asdescribing the procedures for creditors tovote onthe restructuring plan and submit claims. Please note that noteholders donot need tosubmit claims orvote inperson atthe meeting. That will bedone through the voting process for the already announced noteholders meetings.

The restructuring plan requires the approval ofcreditors holding two-thirds ofthe indebtedness subject tothe restructuring. The bank has issued notices ofmeetings ofholders ofits debt securities (noteholders) tobeheld on16/ 11/12. Noteholders will beasked topass extraordinary resolutions toapprove the restructuring plan and instruct the trustee tovote ontheir behalf atthe claimants meeting. Ifthe original noteholders meetings are not quorate, adjourned noteholders meetings will be held on30/11/12.

The bank has also called ageneral shareholders meeting to approve the restructuring plan tobeheld on03/12/12. Holders of the banks gdrs should complete and return forms ofproxy tothe depositary toinstruct the depositary how tovote ontheir behalf atthe general shareholders meeting.

Please refer tothe online documentation for more details.

Claim forms and forms ofproxy inrespect ofthe claimants meeting, aswell asproxy forms for gdr holders can befound (subject tocertain restrictions) onthe banks website at

For additional information please contact your account manager
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