Корпоративное действие High river gold mines ltd — ord. Shs cad — a purchase offer


Corporate action number CA000007485917
ISIN CA42979J1075
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Update 26/10/2012:

The offer will be open for acceptance by high river shareholders until 12.01 a.m. (toronto time) on 27/11/12 (the expiry time), unless the offer is extended or withdrawn by nordgold.

Euroclear has been advised of a purchase offer on the above security.

Nord gold n.v. Intends to make an offer to acquire the outstanding shares of high river gold mines ltd. Not already owned by nordgold and its affiliates.

NOrdgold currently owns 630,627,47 high river shares, constituting
approximately 75 percent of high river under the terms of the proposed offer, eligible high river shareholders will have the right to elect to receive either:

(i) 0.285 nordgold global depositary receipts for each high river share held by them or
(ii) cad 1.40 in cash for each high river share held by them

This corporate action notification does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities by anyone in any jurisdiction it is not, and should not be construed or treated as, investment or financial advice. In providing this information, euroclear bank is not acting as agent of the issuer by sending an instruction to euroclear bank, you confirm that you (and any beneficial owner(s) for whom you act) comply with the terms and conditions of the corporate event if no instruction is required via euroclear bank for this corporate action, you should ensure full compliance with the terms of the corporate event and the agent's requirements.

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