Integra group gdr dividend inspecie


Corporate action number CA000007958328
ISIN US45822B2051
Corporate action description

Event details
Integra has announced the dividend inspecie ofthe shares inig seismic services plc gdrs (igss) held byIntegra group toits eligible shareholders and will procure the distribution ofglobal depositary receipts , representing igss shares.

Igss iscurently seeking admission ofits shares inthe form of gdrs tothe official list ofthe uklisting authority and tothe trading onthe london stock exchange market for listed securities.

The dividend inspecie for Integra group drwill result ina distribution ofapproximately 0.02057 igss gdr for every one Integra group gdr held asofrecord date 19/10/2012.

Ifthe aggregate number ofigss gdr towhich anIntegra group gdr holder isentitled results inafractional gdr, such fractions will besold onthe london stock exchange, ifpossible, and the proceeds, ifany, will bedistributed tosuch holder.

Inorder toreceive such igss gdr through the dividend inspecie, eligible Integra group drholders must submit acertification form, via electronic certification.

Ifthe Integra gdr holder does not certify, the igss gdr for which such Integra gdr holder isentitled, will besold onthe london stock exchange, ifpossible, and the proceeds, ifany from such sale will bedistributed onapro-rata basis toeligible Integra gdr holder for which nocertification form was received.

The distribution date ofthe dividend inspecie tothe record date holders ofIntegra gdr holders who have submitted acompleted certification form isexpected tobeonthe day oronthe next day following proposed admission tothe official list ofthe uk listing authority.

Afee ofusd 0.01 for every Integra gdr held over the 19/10/2012 record date will apply for this distribution.

Jpmorgan adr (the agent) and euroclear have agreed tosuspend the requirement toproduce paper form certification where the instructing euroclear participant isable toprovide an electronic certification inconnection with the subscription of global depositary receipts (gdrs).

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