Корпоративное действие CHAPEL 2003-1 B VAR 00/11/64 EUR


Corporate action number CA000006315966
ISIN XS0179679674
Corporate action description

We have been advised by euroclear on the extraordinary meeting to be held on 17/01/2012 Market timetable

Meeting date: 17/01/12 11:00 cet
Expected announcement date of results: 18/01/12
Expected unblocking date: 18/01/12

Meeting location

At the offices of stibbe n.v.
Strawinskylaan 2001
1077 zz amsterdam
The netherlands


1. Opening 2. Proposal to amend clause 5.3(b)(i) of the trust deed dated
16/12/2003 between the issuer and the security trustee (the ’trust deed’)
3. Proposal to amend clause 20.1(ii) of the trust deed
4. Proposal to amend clause 22(ii) of the trust deed
5. Proposal to instruct the security trustee to ask the issuer to Improve disclosure in reporting
6. Any other business
7. End of the noteholders meeting


The quorum required for the resolutions to be passed is two-thirds


Please note that class b, c, and d noteholders are allowed to Attend this meeting or participate in the conference call but are Not allowed to vote.

Holders who choose to participate in the conference call will Receive the dial-in details through the contact information given Via their instruction.

Instruction deadline 12/01/2012 AT 18:00
For additional information please contact your account manager
Information provided by Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.