ALB Finance B.V. 7.87500 Electronic instruction


Corporate action number CA000002736260
Security ALB FINANCE B.V. 7.87500
ISIN XS0284859054
Corporate action description

Event details
Processing results dated 29/03/10: Credit of cash proceeds.

Important remark:
A notice regarding the calculation details should be available soon.
Participants who sent valid instructions should becredited with the cash proceeds inthe batch process dated 30/03/10for value 26/03/10.

For details, see the R20 ORR59 (euclid proprietary report) orMT566 report (ISO 15022-COMPLIANT FORMAT).

Your account has been debited with the exercised securities inthe real-time process dated 26/03/10.

Refer to the R23 or MT566 reports:
New information dated 19/03/10: tentative distribution date announced.

JSC Alliance Bank has issued apress release available onthe euroclear bank website under event reference 2736122 announcing atentative distribution date ofthe proceeds elected byeuronoteholders having submitted their option election instructions bythe option election deadline of01march 2010.
The tentative distribution date isset for 26march 2010, and issubject topossible change asstated bythe company inits press release.
New information dated 12/03/10: distribution date delayed.
Euroclear Bank has been notified that the ’scheduled distribution date’ has been delayed until further notice. the issuer has indicated that ithopes tofinalise the distributions before the end ofmarch 2010.
Holders will benotified indue course once the amended distribution date isknown.

New information dated 19/02/10
The deadline has been extended until 01/03/2010.
Instructions are now revocable.
Refer to the new press release posted on our website.

New information dated 16/02/10
Theterms and conditions ofthe offer have been changed the issuer had upuntil now not submitted requirements for disclosure ofinformation with respect tothe investor status they have however decided todosonow.
The result isthat, due tothe possibility ofthe ’preferred options’ being subject tothe ’reallocation ofclaims mechanism’ asfurther detailed inthe information memorandum annex 1 participants will need tocertify that they are: residing inthe united states and are either aqib, anaccredited investor, orthat they are residing outside the united states.
The actions tobetaken have changed and replace entirely the previous actions tobetaken.
Please read the amended actions to be taken carefully.

New information dated 03/02/10
Automatic allocation: reminder once the instruction deadline ispast, non-responding holders will beautomatically allocated tooption d/guaranteed allocation ’5’ preference shares inthe form ofgdrs. toreceive the entitlement distribution you must instruct through event number 2736285 within 3years counting from the distribution date.
Euroclear default action: clarification the euroclear bank default action : ’noaction’. this means that euroclear bank will not betaking action onbehalf ofparticipants that donot instruct. the issuer will automatically allocate these participants toreceive entitlement option 5 preference shares inthe form ofgdrs. holders have 3years from the distribution date toinstruct and become eligible toreceive their entitlement.
The issuer’sdefault action: after aperiod of3years from the distribution date, inthe absence ofholder instructions, the gdrs entitlements allocated tonon-responding holders will remain with the bank (alliance bank) tohold for its own account. nofurther credits will bemade.

New information dated 01/02/10: additional notice.
Euroclear has been requested bythe agent toemphasise that although ithas been recommended that participants submit one instruction per beneficial owner, itisnot anobligatory requirement.
A new notice has been made available on on this subject.

Previous information dated 26/01/10
Important: cancellation of due and payable instructions
Participants having previously submitted blocking requests to declare their notes 'due and payable' (see event 1334016), need to submit a cancellation request in order to unblock their notes and participate in the present offer.
Tounblock your positions send afreeformat swift mt599 tothe attention ofcorporate actions default team clearly mention your account number, the isin code concerned, quantity ofsecurities blocked and the euroclear reference number ofyour ’due and payable’ instruction submitted previously.
Once sent, please call our corporate actions client service team on+322326 4245 inorder toensure the proper follow-up ofyour cancellation request.
Positions will then be unblocked to enable you to tender in this offer.

Original information dated 25/01/10
Information source : agent, Bank of New York Mellon, London

Purpose of the event
Inthe context ofits restructuring plan, the the issuer jsc alliance bank isinviting euronoteholders tosubmit their election for the distribution ofguaranteed allocations and/orpreferred options, inconsideration for the cancellation oftheir claim inaccordance with the restructuring plan.

Election options available
A/ Guaranteed allocation 'max 1' (58pct option 1, 42pct option 2)
B/ Guaranteed allocation 'max 2' (68pct option 2, 32pct option 5)
C/ Guaranteed allocation 'max 3' (34pct option 3, 66pct option 5)
D/ Guaranteed allocation '5' (100pct option 5 - preference shares

In the form of gdrs)
E/ Preferred option 1 - cash payment
F/ Preferred option 2 - discount notes and recovery notes
G/ Preferred option 3 - par notes
H/ Preferred option 4 - subordinated notes.

Participants must refer to, and instruct through, the appropriate notice in accordance with the entitlements desired.
The present event notice is directed to participants wishing to elect for ---'e/ preferred option 1 - cash payment'.
Holders must elect, according tothe requirements stated inthe actions tobetaken section ofthis notice, toreceive acash payment either in’usd’ orin’tenge’ (local market currency).

Electing for other entitlement options
To elect for entitlement 'd/ guaranteed allocation 5', refer to corporate action event notice number: '2736285'.
To elect for entitlements 'a, b, c and f, g, h', refer to corporate action event notice: '2736323'.

Entitlement election after the option election date
Euronoteholders who do not submit, or arrange to have submitted on their behalf, an electronic instruction on or before the option election date will be automatically allocated to option d/ guaranteed allocation '5' preference shares in the form of gdrs).
These noteholders must still submit anelectronic instruction onorbefore the date being three years after the distribution date (the ’entitlement termination date’) tobeeligible toreceive their entitlement.
Following the distribution date, currently expected tobe10march 2010, until the entitlement termination date, the bank shall hold the entitlement ofany euronoteholder who has not uninstructed holdings, after entitlement termination date.

Ifnoelectronic instruction issubmitted by,oronbehalf of,any euronoteholder onorbefore the entitlement termination date, such euronoteholder’sentitlement will beextinguished and the cash, new notes and gdrs forming such entitlement will remain with the bank tohold for its own account.

Allocation and reallocation of claims mechanism
Pursuant tothe allocation and reallocation ofclaims mechanism , claims (other than those inrespect ofwhich aguaranteed allocation has been elected) may bereallocated into adifferent option notwithstanding the elections made inanelectronic instruction. inparticular, any claim elected orallocated into preferred options 3or4runs avery high risk ofreallocation.

Electing for 'tenge' currency / denomination
Should aparticipant want toreceive their entitlement in’tenge’, particular attention should betaken inensuring that correct contact name, telephone number and email address are provided inthe instruction.

The issuer will use these contact details in order to liaise with the participant and arrange for the distribution of cash distributions in 'tenge' or 'tenge'-denominated new notes.
'tenge' is not a currency that is presently settleable within Euroclear Bank.

Default currency / denomination
Participants that donot clearly specify whether they want toreceive their entitlements in’usd’ orin’tenge’ will bydefault becredited with their entitlements in’usd’.

Minimum instructable amount - exceptions
Asingle beneficial holder with aclaim inexcess ofusd 5million may split such aclaim and elect aguaranteed allocation orapreferred option inrespect ofeach portion ofnot less than usd 1million.
Beneficial holders holding euronotes denominated insterling oreuros may split aclaim ifitexceeds gbp 3.07million oreur 3.39million, asthe case may be.each portion ofsuch split claim must exceed gbp 0.61million, inthe case ofsterling-denominated euronotes, and eur 0.68million, inthe case ofeuro-denominated euronotes. the total amounts ofsuch split claims must equal the aggregate principal amount ofeuronotes held bythe beneficial holder.
Separate electronic instructions must be submitted in relation to each portion of a split claim.

Euroclear Bank will not beheld liable for mistakes made byparticipants when electing for their specified currencies orinsubmitting split election instructions euroclear bank will not verify whether participants’ instructions meet the minimum instructable amountrequirements onsplit claim elections.

Market timetable
market expiry date: 24/02/2010 at 11:00 am london time distribution date: expected 10/03/2010
Entitlement termination date: the date being three years after the distribution date.

Accrued interest
Pursuant to the terms of the restructuring plan and the information memorandum, there will be no accrued interest (i.e. 'payable interest' as defined in the information memorandum)payable to any euronoteholders regardless of whether they participate in the offer or not.

Withdrawal rights
Tenders submitted within the context of this offer are irrevocable.
This corporate action notification does not constitute anoffer tosell orthe solicitation ofanoffer tobuy any securities byanyone inany jurisdiction itisnot, and should not beconstrued ortreated as,investment orfinancial advice. inproviding this information, euroclear bank isnot acting asagent ofthe issuer bysending aninstruction, you confirm toeuroclear bank that you (and any beneficial owner(s)for whom you act) comply with the terms and conditions ofthe offer.

New documentation dated 16/02/10 is now available to participants.
The documentation has been made available in euroclear bank resources databases and lists corporate actions online on
To access this document, you must be a registered euroclear bank website user and enter the relevant corporate action event number in the search box: 2736122.

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For additional information please contact your account manager
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