Корпоративное действие STANDARD BANK PLC 11.0000 31/12/14 — EXTRAORDINARY RESOLUTION


Corporate action number CA000003972430
Security STANDARD BANK PLC 11.0000 31/12/14
ISIN XS0287015787
Corporate action description

Event details
Information source: agent, bank of new york mellon london .
Market timetable
meeting date: 22/10/2010 at 10:00 am (london time)
expected unblocking date: 29/10/2010 .
Meeting location
Offices of clifford chance llp
10 upper bank street
London e14 5jj .
Purpose of the meeting
A meeting will be held to consider and pass an extraordinary resolution to approve following amendments to (i) the terms and conditions of the notes, (ii) the loan agreement dated 08/02/2007
And (iii) the trust deed dated 14 february 2007:
1. The deletion of the event of default in the loan
2. The addition of a partial repayment clause under the loan and under the notes
3. The amendment to the covenants under the loan
4. The change in the minimum denomination of the notes
5. The increase in the minimum capital adequacy ratio of the borrower
Noteholders who vote in favour of the proposal in accordance with the solicitation have two options:
(1) to elect to receive the partial redemption amount of 6pct (rounded down to the nearest thousand) or (2) elect to not receive the partial redemption amount .
The quorum required at the meeting shall be two or more persons present in person holding the notes or being proxies and representing or holding not less than two-thirds of the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding notes .
To be passed, the extraordinary resolution must be passed at a meeting by a majority of not less than three quarters of the votes cast.
Consequences of the extraordinary resolution being approved
If the extraordinary resolution is duly passed at the meeting the extraordinary resolution shall be binding on all the noteholders, whether or not present at the meeting .
Revocation of instructions
Noteholders who have submitted electronic voting instructions prior to the expiration date have the right to revoke such instruction up until the expiration time on the expiration date by submitting a revocation instruction to the relevant clearing system.
Any noteholder who revokes their electronic voting instruction or otherwise makes arrangements to abstain from voting in respect of the extraordinary resolution will not be entitled to receive
The partial redemption amount.

Instruction deadline  15/10/10
Additional documentation Yes
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